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Meetings & protocols

Invite to meetings and streamline inspections with digital protocols.

Our solution allows you to easily keep track of both upcoming and past meetings, along with their corresponding protocols, all in one place.

Create new meetings quickly from web or mobile app and invite customers as needed. You can choose to set a specific time for the meeting or give customers the option to choose from several available times on a first-come, first-served basis.

Utilize our digital protocols for pre-inspections, handovers, and one-year inspections. We can, of course, customize them to fit your needs. During these meetings, you and other participants can mark any issues directly on the floor plans, manage transfers of utilities, keys, and other necessary details.

After completing the protocol, participants can digitally sign either with a digital sign-off solution or directly on a tablet. Our solution then generates a PDF version of the protocol that is immediately sent out to all participants and automatically stored in our solution for easy access and archiving.

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