Digital showroom

Amaze your buyers with a customizations and change request system from the future

We've transformed and fully digitized the customization process, making upselling effortless and enhancing the homebuyer's purchasing journey. You can manage everything yourself, no need to wait on us

Embedded to your site

Digital Showroom allows you to integrate it into an existing product or website, provides a user-friendly interface for selecting products and showcasing interior changes.


We provide flexible tools for integration into various eCom and Real Estate products. Extending product functionality without the need to migrate to another platform.


Provide intuitive and easy-to-use interaction with your digital showroom, presenting products to users on a whole new level

Boosting sales

By leveraging the power of the digital showroom, you can increase product functionality, product appeal, user engagement and sales conversion

Everything you need.

Experience a flexible toolkit that makes every task feel like a breeze.


Create rules to manage and customize your showroom space.


Create product or service packages to offer complete solutions to your customers.


Use ready-made templates to quickly and easily create and design your digital showroom

Price requests

Receive price or offer requests from potential customers directly through Digital Showroom.

Full control

Have full control over the settings, images, texts and other elements of your showroom.

Analyze your products like never before

With analytics feature, you'll be able to get all the information you need about product customization options, sales analytics, and other metrics. You will be able to track the popularity and effectiveness of product, analyze sales data and get valuable information for decision making.