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A seamless solution for intuitive handling of reclamations.

The handling of reclamations and warranty cases is a critical part of the after-sales process, and without an efficient system, this can often lead to misunderstandings and frustration.

To address this, we have, in collaboration with some of the leading property developers and contractors in the Nordic region, developed a modern complaint system. The system facilitates easy reception and creation of complaints, both from customers and internally within projects.

Our mobile app makes it easier for homebuyers to provide detailed information about a complaint, including markings on floor plans, photos, and videos.

You can manually delegate cases to the appropriate party or use predefined rules for automatic assignment to the right company or person. Executives have access to all information about the case, both via the web and mobile app, and can keep both you and the buyers updated at all times.

We have integrated our communication platform into the complaint system, enabling efficient communication between buyers and contractors, with the possibility for you as an admin to control the communication flow.

Additionally, our dashboards and reports provide valuable insights, offering a unique overview of case status and progression in your project.

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