Wow your customers.
While increasing your |
Journey transforms the post-sales process from a time-consuming chore to a core business asset. Read how to increase your margins by 10%
by Real Estate Developers, For Real estate developers
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Build your brand
Unfortunately buyers of new builds are among the least happy. We help you take care of your customers, so they can take care of your brand.
Every process on any device
We have rebuilt and enhanced all post-sales process and made them available on any device – both for you and the buyer.
Self service or fully managed
Manage everything your self or let our customer success managers do it for you.
how it works
For the developer
Keep it all in one channel
With Journey, the digital system will act as the sole channel and archive of all individual messages, general updates, project timeline and important milestones, surveys, contracts, etc.
Optimise communication
Journey offers project managers with templates for project updates, tasks, practical information, surveys, etc, while it also has a notification system including suggestions for relevant communication with the customers.
Save cost and increase business insights
While most customer service activities during the post-sale process are administered manually by different people and teams, the overall cost tends to be relatively high compared to perceived benefit while also little knowledge and experience are transferred internally and kept as constant insights in the organisation.
Developers have historically felt obligated to offer home buyers options and upgrades on certain features such as ceramic tiles, floors, kitchen tops, light switches, and sockets. With manual and poorly managed processes, such upgrades are normally provided at an overall loss for the developer.BJourney offers digitalised solutions for options and upgrades, making this very important feature both enjoyable and lucrative for the home buyers as well as for the developer.
Options and upgrades
Optimise communication
Journey is a modern and data-driven system that utilizes new business insights from accurate and aggregated data.
Keep track of progress
Journey is designed to give newbuild buyers a digital end-to-end experience, keeping track of their future home from the time they purchase till they move in, and even beyond.
Monitoring the building progress
Managing all required or optional tasks
Communicating with the developer
By keeping all communication between customer and developer in one user-friendly and intelligent system, the home buyer will feel well taken care of at all times, have access to all individual messages, general updates, project timeline and important milestones, while also being properly introduced to opportunities for options and upgrades as presented by the developer.
For the buyer
how it works
Choosing options and upgrades
Let the costumer choose between different options themselves.
Report issues easily
We have built the end-to-end tool for mangaing the customer journey from a bare ground to a housewarming.
Providing feedback through surveys
From a customer perspective, Journey will immensely improve their ability to follow the often lengthy building process in an enjoyable and interactive way. Opposite to the unhappy and “never again” feeling at the end of such a process, Journey will make the buyer want to do it all over again.
On phone or desktop
Journey is part of the Marketer portfolio
Marketer™ is the leading company for xyz, and has an end-to-end integrated portfolio of products, supporting the entire developer process. Together we deliver a complete .... for the real estate industry.
sale & marketing
Research & insight
Digital sales
costumer management
claims (reklamasjon)
documents & fdv
Products following the customer from before they know they want a new home, until they live there.
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