Keep track of progress
Journey is designed to give newbuild buyers a digital end-to-end experience, keeping track of their future home from the time they purchase till they move in, and even beyond.
Monitoring the building progress
Managing all required or optional tasks
Communicating with the developer
By keeping all communication between customer and developer in one user-friendly and intelligent system, the home buyer will feel well taken care of at all times, have access to all individual messages, general updates, project timeline and important milestones, while also being properly introduced to opportunities for options and upgrades as presented by the developer.
For the buyer
how it works
Choosing options and upgrades
Let the costumer choose between different options themselves.
Report issues easily
We have built the end-to-end tool for mangaing the customer journey from a bare ground to a housewarming.
Providing feedback through surveys
From a customer perspective, Journey will immensely improve their ability to follow the often lengthy building process in an enjoyable and interactive way. Opposite to the unhappy and “never again” feeling at the end of such a process, Journey will make the buyer want to do it all over again.
On phone or desktop