About us

At Journey Technologies, we aim to make the experience of buying a newbuild awesome by building digital tools that simplify the critical phase after a newbuild home has been sold, both for the developer and the buyer. Journey Technologies is an incubator of the Norwegian real estate development company Atlas Utvikling. As a modern and technology-driven developer leading multiple successful projects, our accomplishments are largely influenced by a tech-first approach. This has enabled us to develop and leverage new technologies to optimize and automate core business operations.

As we found that there were no good solutions out there that handled the issues we encountered in the aftersales process, we saw the need to build a solution ourselves. The solution is not built with the purpose of solving only the problems we have, we want to share this powerful technology with developers all over the world. With the creation of Journey, the purpose is to remove friction in the newbuild industry, and especially the friction between developers and buyers. Journey will provide developers of all sizes with a modern, unified and data-driven experience for managing projects and key stakeholders. Furthermore, it is designed to give their customers a digital end-to-end experience; allowing them to keep track of their future home from the purchase is made until they move in, and beyond.